Smart Home Trends for 2024

Posted on Monday, January 15, 2024

The next generation of smart home technology is on the horizon. Trending this year will be devices that can learn from our lifestyle patterns and deliver a more customized experience. Ready to add something new to your Balmoral home? Here’s what’s in store for 2024.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is poised to be the buzzword for 2024, and it will soon be running your home. Voice assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistance already use AI but they will soon be able to detect context, intent and the nuances of word choice and phrasing so interacting with them feels more natural. Smart thermostats will be able to do more than turn up or down the heat. They will be able to check the weather and change the temperature based on the forecast, learn our preferences and take into account your usual energy consumption.

More Robots

Get set for more of your household tasks to be taken over by robots. Today there are robot vacuums and lawnmowers, but manufacturers are raising the bar on them. The Willow X by EEVE can mow, weed and sweep your patio. New vacuums will come equipped with LiDAR that can create detailed, accurate maps that tell the robot how best to clean your home. Loona is a robot that can be programmed to play games with your child. Most robots can be connected Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Siri.

Smarter Appliances

Smart appliances already exist, but in 2024 they will become even smarter. The GE Profile dishwasher has built-in Wi-FI that allows you to check the status of a wash cycle and reorder detergent from the app. Smart stoves will be able to detect the size of your pan and adapt the cooking area for the best heat distribution. AI technology and cameras on a range hood can adjust fan settings or issue an alarm if a child is too close to a hot burner.

Health and Wellness

Can a smart home help you live a healthier lifestyle? Manufacturers are banking on it. Smart refrigerators can prolong the quality of your food by maintaining temperature and humidity levels, keeping food fresh longer. One manufacturer is working on an air-purifying robot that can move to different rooms and double as a portable audio speaker. Hands-free faucets will continue in popularity but will be voice-activated.

Effortless Connectivity

Many consumers are frustrated by the inability of devices created by different manufacturers to work together. That’s about to change. Matter is an industry-unifying connectivity standard that will allow all Matter-certified devices to work together. That means an iPhone can control a Google Nest Thermostat.

Home Security

Home security will start to include medical alert systems to detect when you fall and call for an ambulance. Leak detectors can send you notifications as soon as a leak is detected, allowing for a quick response. It will also be easier than ever to integrate smart door locks with video doorbells so you can see who is at the door and let them in.

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