Public vs. Private Schools — Your Choice

Posted on Friday, August 19, 2022

The decision to send your child to a public or private school is a personal one. It is based on what you believe will provide the best learning experience for your child. And how well the schools you choose prepare your child for higher education and the future factor in, as well.

Balmoral residents are lucky. They have many options to choose from. Our community is zoned to excellent schools in Humble ISD. The district has won multiple awards for excellence in academics and students typically score well above average on state-mandated tests and college entrance exams. Balmoral is also convenient to many excellent private schools.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing to send your child to a public or private school.

School Size

Private schools generally have lower student-teacher ratios than public schools. The more intimate classroom setting can be beneficial to students. Some students thrive in large classrooms. Others do better with fewer students. More students can translate to more elective classes and more diversity.


Parents want their children to be challenged. Because private schools charge tuition, more money may be available for elective classes and updated textbooks. Private schools usually espouse a particular educational philosophy or methodology. Public schools are paid for by state and local taxes. If the tax rate is high, schools can offer many of the same advantages as private schools. Check the course catalogs. A public school offering Advanced Placement, honors and International Baccalaureate courses may be just as strong academically as a private school.

Extracurricular Activities

Colleges look at more than grades. They want students to have a breadth of experiences. Check school websites to see what clubs and organizations are available to students. If the clubs compete, do they place well? That’s a good sign. In general, it is easier for kids to start clubs in public schools. It’s also easier for them to take on leadership roles.

Location, Location

Public schools are usually closer to home. They also offer bus service. Private schools can be up to an hour away. Most do not offer busing so you will be driving your student to and from school every day.


Every child can attend a public school. Private schools have admission policies. Sometimes children must take entrance exams. Private high schools or students transferring from another school must demonstrate academic excellence through transcripts. Parochial schools may have religious requirements.


Public schools are free. You pay for a private school and the cost can sometimes be exorbitant. Whether or not it is worth it to your family to pay for a private school education is up to you.

Private Schools Near Balmoral

Berean Christian School

702 Atascocita Road
Humble, TX 7739

Christian Life Center Academy

806 Russell Palmer Road
Kingwood, TX 77339

Holy Trinity Episcopal School     

11810 Lockwood Road
Houston, TX 77044

The Learning Experience® At Fall Creek

7743 North Sam Houston Parkway East
Humble, TX 7739


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