Marvelous Memorial Day BBQ Sides

Posted on Friday, May 10, 2024

Balmoral residents are already getting out their grills preparing for the Memorial Day weekend. While meat will be the star attraction, you’ll want the support of some marvelous side dishes. Ready to up your game? Look at these suggestions:

Plenty of Potato Salad

A timeless side dish you can never go wrong with is potato salad. You can go classic or branch out and serve up deviled eggs combined with potatoes. Guests won’t be able to say no to potato salad with all the trimmings. If you’re looking for something a little healthier, try this garden potato salad.

Creative Corn

You can do more with corn than toss it on the grill. Give this zucchini, squash and corn casserole a try. Skip the corn on the cob and whip up this corn in a salad. All you need are three ingredients for this whipped cream corn salad. Got corn muffin mix? Then you can make corn souffle.

Creamy Coleslaw

What would a barbecue be without coleslaw? Cabbage is nice but broccoli is better. You can never go wrong with a classic coleslaw recipe. Vinegar, not mayo is the secret ingredient in South Carolina Slaw. If you’ve got 15 minutes you have time to throw together this slaw.

Beautiful Beans

Don’t just serve baked beans, serve Texas-style baked beans. Sweet and smokey cowboy beans will have your guests singing Home on the Range. Why slave over a hot oven when you can just toss these beans on the grill. This colorful black bean salad will tickle your taste buds.

Serve Up Salads

Salads are quick to make and go with anything. Skip the traditional pasta salad and add a little bacon. There’s nothing more refreshing than a cucumber salad. Roasted pepper-tomato salad with crispy black-eyed peas will be a memorable experience for your guests. Try this twist on seven-layer dip.

Grill Your Vegetables

Kabobs are fun to eat and healthy too. Yes, you can toss eggplant on the grill. If asparagus is in season, you’ll want to throw some on the grill. Potatoes on skewers? Yes, please!

Up Your Macaroni Game

Fresh veggies make this macaroni salad a star. Add roasted tomatoes to your mac’ n ‘cheese. We love this easy macaroni and corn casserole. Add some spice to your macaroni salad. Why make two separate dishes when you can combine macaroni with coleslaw?

Fabulous Fruit

Grill some brie and add strawberries for a spectacular appetizer. You’ve got to have watermelon so try it with mint. Pick up some peaches from the farmers market and go to town. Combine strawberries and arugula for a sweet and peppery salad.

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