Get it All in a Master-Planned Community

Posted on Monday, September 21, 2020

What do you want in a community? Walkability, great neighbors, excellent schools and tons of activities? You can have all that and more when you choose a home in a master-planned community like Balmoral. Master-planned communities offer everything families need for a fabulous lifestyle.

Here are some of the advantages.

It’s Already Planned Out

Master-planned communities are just that — planned. Developers, like Land Tejas, locate their communities near good schools, health care and services. Many reserve areas for on-site schools, mixed-use retail centers and office space. That means you are never far from the grocery store, gas station or pharmacy.

A Prime Location

Master-planned communities are built in prime locations that allow easy access to employers as well as dining, entertainment and recreational opportunities.

Homes to Fit Every Budget

Master-planned communities don’t offer cookie-cutter style homes, rather they invite in a variety of builders, who then offer a broad assortment of highly customizable floor plans. You will also find a range of home prices so you can take advantage of living in an MPC without breaking the bank.

Signature Amenities

Residents of master-planned communities never lack for things to do. Neighborhood parks, trails and lakes rival anything offered in the city. Some are built around a signature amenity such as a golf course, farm or park. In Balmoral, residents enjoy our crystal clear lagoon, sandy beaches and superb Amenity Village.

Natural Surroundings

The master plans of most MPCs incorporate green space, parks, trails and nature as a key aspect of the design. That means you have plenty of opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy Mother Nature’s offerings.

Your Neighborhood Looks Great

Homeowners associations are a part of any master-planned community. Their purpose is to keep neighborhoods looking great, maintain amenities and preserve the value of your home. Homeowners associations ensure common areas are kept beautiful, the pool is clean and the re-sale value of your home remains high.

A Sense of Community

Traditional neighborhoods don’t always offer a strong sense of community. It may be hard to meet your neighbors, plan activities or borrow a cup of sugar. Master-planned communities aren’t like that. Planned activities help neighbors get to know each other so when you walk down the street everyone knows your name.

If you’ve never visited a master-planned community before, stop by Balmoral and let us show you around.

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