6 Simple Steps to a Tidier Home

Posted on Monday, February 14, 2022

You have a new gorgeous home in Balmoral, so you want to keep it immaculately clean. That’s the dream, anyway. Between the kids and other loved ones living in your home, the mess seems to pile up out of nowhere. Not to mention the messes left behind by entertaining or the boxes of stuff you’ve accumulated over the years and maybe not yet unpacked.

If you’re a busy parent, it may be impossible to simply rid your home of all objects that don’t “spark joy.” So, we’ve found 6 simple solutions for a tidier home.

1. Donate unwanted clothes twice a year

Spring cleaning and back-to-school are great times to rid your closets of unwanted clothes. If your kids have grown out of things, you can clear out their drawers, opening up plenty of space for your kids’ back-to-school clothes or new summer wardrobe. When your kids’ dressers and closets are tidy and they can find what they need, they feel less stressed out. Plus, it gives them the independence to find things on their own.

Check your own closet, too. It may be time to give up that once-favorite outfit that’s no longer super fresh. Don’t hang onto clothes that no longer flatter you or have slipped out of style. Instead, hang onto items that stand the test of time and let the others go. Old ties, blazers, and even shoes can also be donated at your nearest charity drop-off.

2. Join a neighborhood ‘Buy Nothing’ or ‘Free Page’ group on Facebook

Neighborhood “buy nothing” groups are all too happy to take your unwanted clutter to be recycled. This is a great option for those who are not ready to do a big, cleansing purge. You can use these groups to get rid of a little at a time or a lot if you choose. Each group has its own rules, so be sure to read them thoroughly if you join. And use caution when meeting up to exchange items or planning a porch pick-up or drop-off. If you’re more comfortable meeting up at a safe, public space like a strip mall parking lot or a municipal building, then do so.

3. Do a load of laundry every day

While this seems like a lot to ask, it’s not. Believe in the process. Doing a little every day keeps you from having to dig through piles of dirty clothes and then put away clean piles all at once. Think about it — no laundry hanging out of the hamper, no clean laundry chilling in baskets waiting to be put away all week while you’re busy. And no one-day-a-week massive laundry project.

Plus, when you wash more often, your kids will have access to their favorite outfits more often, cutting down on them begging for a certain item to be washed or, even worse, wearing a soiled ensemble.

4. Clear out the mystery boxes

Do you have boxes in your closet or garage that have gone untouched for years? It may be time to take a peek inside. Unless the box is full of treasure — whether it’s sentimental treasure or valuable goods — it may be time to get rid of the stuff inside.

More than likely, that once “cool” jacket isn’t going to come back into style. You probably don’t need all those cords, and you’re definitely never going to use those tangled holiday lights again. And if you’re hanging onto your kids’ old clothes for sentimental reasons, you can have them made into a comfortable quilt to send your kiddo off to college with something special.

5. Make sure everything has its place

Organizing is difficult for some people when they’re in the moment, but there’s a huge payoff for that effort. Organizing your home reduces stress and contributes to a healthier lifestyle. If you don’t have to constantly find things, life is much easier.

Desk organizers, clear bins, and a set of shelves are great tools to get things up off the floor and tidied away neatly. Clearing out the unwanted clutter and starting fresh, you’ll notice which tools you will need to stay organized. That way you don’t overspend on bins and drawer organizers you may not need.

6. Make the bed

Experts aren’t lying when they say that making your bed every day starts your day off right. But why? Because once we’ve tackled the first cleaning task of the day, the rest seem to just fall into place. This one good habit sprouts many others and promotes a tidier home and a healthier mind.

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